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  1. Astrophysical (with Skyelle)
  2. Now or Never
  3. Dancing In The Rain
  4. The Feeling (with Futurebound)
  5. Afterlife
  6. Lost & Found (with Dualistic)
  7. Before I Go
  8. Overcome (with The Outsiders & IDA)
  9. New Horizon
  10. Electrify (with T&Sugah)

A body of work that is not only touching on all sounds of NCT but also showcases how varied the drum & bass genre can be. Energetic or mellow, dark or light, uplifting or melancholic – all those moods can be found on the album. It features collaborations with long-time friends such as Futurebound, T&Sugah, Dualistic and The Outsiders. All of them adding their unique style to the diversity that is already there.

IMPORTANT: NCT Astrophysical bundle orders will be shipped in the last week of July.
You will receive an email with Track & Trace when it happens.