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“My newest album Here and Now came together from a more personal side of songwriting. Each song is crafted to be a cinematic and deeply emotional experience that hits the listener harder than your average drum and bass album. Nonetheless, I hope you all enjoy listening to this album as much as I had making it! Much love, Ian//Boxplot”

Boxplot – Here & Now

  • A1 Interlude (Reset)
  • A2 Human Again
  • A3 Interlude (Resolve)
  • B1 Always Here, My Dear
  • B2 Why Try
  • B3 Heartstring (With Feint)
  • C1 Open Arms (With Audioscribe
  • C2 Only Us
  • C3 Speaking In Tongues
  • D1 I Think I Think Too Much
  • D2 Leaving
  • D3 Welcome Home